Selfishly Accepting

Today in my yoga practice I had to pick a word to carry with me through the day today. I chose the word  acceptance. It really means a lot to me as it is something I have struggled with; accepting myself.


1)The action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered.

“charges involving the acceptance of bribes” synonyms: receipt, receiving, taking, obtaining

2) The action or process of being received as adequate or suitable, typically to be admitted into a group.

“you must wait for acceptance into the club” synonyms: welcome, favourable, reception, adoption

Maybe part of the reason self acceptance isn’t the norm is that it isn’t one of the first dictionary definitions to pop up. You are adequate and you don’t need to wait to be perceived as adequate by yourself! I think acceptance is when you no longer attempt to change or protest yourself. 

We are our own worst critics. So why not celebrate our strengths and forgive ourselves the way we do others?

For the longest time I struggled with forgiving myself and recognizing my own strengths. I felt trapped. The world was going nowhere and I was doing nothing for the world. I started at that point to take half an hour of each day to do something to show me I love myself. So often we are so caught up in trying to make everyone else happy that we forget that we can not keep giving and giving without filling the cup. So I learned it is ok to be selfish and take some time to do something to fill my cup. Soon that half an hour turned into an hour and very soon I was enjoying it. I was enjoying being selfish. But is it really selfish? I mean it is my life, I am the one who at the end of it has to look back and ask, was I really happy?

Maybe acceptance starts happening when we take time to be selfish and to take time to get to know ourselves. Take ourselves on dates and love yourself the way you would a friend or a lover. So today I challenge you to shush your inner critic and take you time. Time that is truly for you, something you enjoy, not just going for a walk with Jenny because she loves catching up during that time or painting class with Noelle. Read a book, take a bath, start an art project, put some music on and dance by yourself, or go for a run. Whatever fuels up your heart with happiness; you are the important one today! Enjoy your own company because you are enough. 


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